Strong, simple content for the health and medical industries.

Medicine is complicated.

Make it as simple as possible for your audience.

You exist to improve people’s lives through medical services and devices. People come to you for answers regarding topics that overwhelm and confuse them.

You need a writer who can:

Nice to meet you!

I have a passion for helping digital medical businesses reach more people. I thrive on simplicity and organization, which is reflected by my writing style.

Besides being a writer, I am a pharmacist as well as a lover of good design, travel and Chipotle. My home base is the Kansas City area.

Please see a few of my writing samples below.

Why am I the right fit to help you out?

I spend a large amount of my own time and money on health and fitness and I believe nothing is more important, which means I am personally invested in what you stand for. I want you to succeed.

Having a background as a pharmacist, I know a few things about medicine. Years of school and clinical experience in the healthcare field give me a major edge. Plus pharmacy school is no walk in the park, so you know I see things through.

Is there anything worse than someone that takes days to get back to you, leaving you feeling like they can’t make time for you? Expect that from a noncommittal relationship, but not from me.

I don’t half-ass things and I don’t do lazy; I go all-in! This means your copy gets done right and done on time. Furthermore, I will work with you until we’re both fully satisfied with the final result.

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